Welcome to the Polar Sandwich Factory

The Polar Sandwich Factory educates and inspires food service people all over the world in successful Nordic Sandwich making. Here up in the north of Sweden, we love bread and sandwiches and market-leading Polarbröd holds a strong position when it comes to baking and supplying a wide selection of soft, tasty, traditional bread (flatbread and thinbread) for popular sandwiches and bread-meals.


Let the Polar Sandwich Factory inspire you with a sustainable and trendy menu of Nordic style sandwiches!


Tasty snacks for our seniors

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Swedish fika Sandwich

In Sweden, we love fika. Let your guests enjoy Swedish fika.

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Introducing our new sandwich concept, Wrapini, featuring our delicious and wrap-friendly Soft Thin Breads.

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Mini Rolls

Offering your guests Mini Rolls means they don´t need to settle for just one taste!

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Polar Melt

Let us present a selection of savoury flatbread sandwiches that are perfect for a lunch break or a dinner on the go.

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Swedish Wrapsody

This is a contemporary version of this popular meal with exciting combinations and ingredients.

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As is the tradition with Nordic bread.

Our bread has a light sweetness. Compare, for example, with Brut champagne that is fully dry while Sec champagne has a touch of sugar. That little sweetness makes a perfect mouth-tingling match with salty fillings and gives a full-bodied, rounded taste.