Quality and standards

Environment, Quality and Hygiene

Polarbröd bakes and sells bread of the highest quality. The company’s brand is a guarantee of genuinely good and safe food products.

Polarbröd has its own quality system, the unique Polarbröd Quality System, which includes rigorous and systematic checks throughout the baking process.

Our production meets the highest international standards of quality and safety.

Polarbröd’s two bakeries are BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified, a standard for improved product safety and hygiene. BRC places high demands on the company’s quality systems, on process and production management as well as production facilities and employees. Every stage of the operation must be carefully documented. Since 2016, Polarbröd is also IFS Food certified.

Polarbröd has systematically measured its environmental impact since 2000, and became ISO 14001 certified in 2009 – proof that we manage our environmental responsibilities.

The bakery in Bredbyn is Euro Leaf certified, which means that at least 95% of the agricultural ingredients are organic and that relevant EU legislation is adhered to. The bakery in Bredbyn is also certified by KRAV, which regulates sustainable agriculture in Sweden, and has even stricter requirements.

Polarbröd takes full responsibility for the bread to be transported safely in an unbroken freezer chain all the way to the customer.

Polarbröd is baked in small towns in northern Sweden, using a process rooted in traditional Swedish baking practices. We source most of our ingredients from Sweden, but land-of-origin can vary if Swedish ingredients are unavailable. It is very important to us that our ingredients are grown sustainably and that we bake and sell our breads in a sustainable way.

We are dependent on large quantities of flour with specific protein content and quality. Since harvests vary from year to year, sometimes it is difficult to find Swedish flour that is grown sustainably and available in the quantity and at the quality we need. Because land-of-origin can therefore vary, we do not have specific information about geographic origin on our packages.

Polarbröd continually takes new steps towards our goal of sustainable ingredients and puts increasingly tough demands on our suppliers to provide us with ingredients that are better for you and the planet.