The NewestWrap Star!

Discover Soft Thin Breads from Polarbröd. Introducing our new sandwich concept, Wrapini, featuring our delicious and wrap-friendly Soft Thin Breads. All of our Soft Thin Breads are suitable for rolling, folding and slicing. Their softness and elacticity makes them extra-easy to use. They stay fresh longer and do not break.

A small wrap to eat here or take-away!

Now you can offer your guests small, fresh thin bread wraps made with our delicious, easy-to-use Soft Thin Breads. We call them Wrapinis, which means small wrap. The Wrapini’s size makes it perfect for breakfast or a small meal, for example before a meeting at work or after exercising in the evening. Serve Wrapini wrapped in paper or sliced in half in an attractive box – great for people who want to save half for later!

How to succeed with your Wrapini
1. We use ”isolators” in the recipes to fi ll the pores in the bread and prevent the ingredients from soaking into it. Always use an isolator when you develop your own recipes. Soggy bread is never any fun!
2. To make a fresh Wrapini, make sure that all the ingredients are as dry as possible. Allow damp ingredients to dry before you use them. Cut all ingredients into bite-sized pieces suitable for small thin bread wraps.
3. When you prepare the Wrapini, begin by spreading the isolator evenly on the bread, then spread the other ingredients on 2/3 of the bread. When rolled, the outer 1/3 of the bread will also function as a barrier and keep the ingredients in place. Roll the bread tightly into a wrap, preferably using wrap paper.
4. Cut sharply on the diagonal when you slice the Wrapini. That makes the fi lling more visible, which makes for a more attractive presentation.


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