Mini Rolls

Lighter entreés and finger food are two trends that remain popular. People like variation and enjoy trying different flavours. Offering your guests Mini Rolls means they don´t need to settle for just one taste! Mini Rolls are small, delicious bites of flavour wrapped in our traditional soft thin bread, Polarbröd XL.

How to do Mini Rolls

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Mini Rolls

We have developed Mini Rolls recepies with exciting taste combinations. Nine different recipes combined in three different ways – one suitable for lunch, one lighter finger food to eat at the bar and a sharing tray. See them as a starting point and a source of inspiration to create. mix and match as you like!

Sharing Tray

Embrace diversity! Let your guests choose from a world of flavours wrapped in classic, delicious thin bread. Serve these flavour sensations on a beautiful, oversized serving plate – perfect for sharing!

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Lunch box tray

A tempting variant on the classic sandwich lunch or sushi tray. Enjoy three different flavours – two of each! These Mini Rolls stay fresh longer packaged in the take-away container.

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Snacking tray

A variety of contemporary flavours on a small tray is a perfect complement to a drink, as an appetizer or as a bar snack.

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