Swedish fika Sandwich

In Sweden, we love fika. To us, that means a nice cup of coffee with a sandwich or a sweet bun – always including a friendly chat.

Swedish Fika

Let your guests enjoy Swedish fika in the morning, for a light lunch or in between meals to keep them going through the day.

Vegan Double Sandwich

Enjoy! A health-conscious and super-tasty Oriental/Asian style sandwich, 100% vegan, designed for sandwich-makers who want a good shelf life.

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Breakfast Fika Sandwiche 24-7

Basic but with a twist! A traditional Nordic style ham and cheese sandwich livened up with tangy cornichons and smoked pepper.

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Flatbread Cinnamon Bun

The best of both worlds! This bun sandwich has an exciting blend of Nordic and Oriental flavours and will be a favourite of anyone with a sweet tooth.

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Polar Sandwich

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