Polarbröd’s manifesto

Polarbröd’s roots are a deep pride in the bread culture of northern Sweden and a desire to share it with others.

Some days, the aroma of freshly-baked bread permeates the whole town of Älvsbyn. That is where everything began, and it is where we continue to bake bread and make sandwiches to enjoy every day. We humans have eaten grains for thousands of years. Grains are a traditional food – readily available, simple, healthy and good-tasting. Polarbröd chooses its ingredients with care. We bake a variety of breads, some with wholegrains and others with refined flour, to meet a variety of needs and taste-preferences. For us, there are times when nothing beats a warm drink and a sandwich.

Simple things can provide genuine pleasure in a time of change, and we are living in such times today. Humanity has never been larger or better educated. At the same time, we see signs that modern society is not sustainable, that in many countries we are undermining the very conditions we depend on to provide for ourselves. We want to make a difference! Our dream is to create opportunities to eat good and healthy food now and for generations. That’s why we promise to do everything we can to ensure that everything from the ingredients we use to the food we sell is produced ethically and in tune with nature, so that it can nourish us in a beneficial way.

We want our breads and sandwiches to be as fresh as possible when they reach our customers. That’s why we freeze our breads straight out of the oven and our sandwiches as soon as they are made and thaw them as close as possible to when they will be eaten. Freezing enables us to forgo artificial preservatives and it helps keep waste to a minimum. Food loss is an enormous waste of precious resources. Producing just the right amount of high-quality food at the right time and distributing it fresh to consumers is a great challenge. We strive to do exactly that, and in a way that will work in the long term – far into the future. That’s why we promise to do everything we can to ensure that our transports are powered by renewables and our packages are produced from renewable materials.

Doing a lot with a little is one of Polarbröd’s fundamental principles. Since the day our great-grandfather traded a kick-sled for a kilo of yeast, we have relied on northern Swedish persistence and inventiveness to create the greatest possible bread-enjoyment using as few resources as possible. That is why it is self-evident to us that our bakeries should be powered by renewable electricity and that we must continuously work to be more efficient in every aspect of our operations. The word economy means to use limited resources sparingly. It is a foundation of good business practices. Smart solutions make it possible for us to re-invest ourselves, and we want to be part of a transformation that allows us to retain as many of the modern world’s advantages as possible. That’s why we invested more than 150 million crowns to build wind turbines that supply the electricity grid with as much renewable energy as we use. We also strive to be a positive force for transformation through cooperation with others. More and more of us realize that we must not live in a way that make it impossible for future generations to eat and live well on the planet. We promise to continue to develop, use resources sparingly, invest and invent – these are prerequisites for meeting new challenges and securing a sustainable future.

We know that we can only succeed if we cooperate with others, and we began with our colleagues. We are always asking, what can we accomplish together? We hope that more people will help us meet the challenge. We need your insights, your knowledge, your engagement so that we, together, can create a world that is good today, but also good tomorrow, for those who come after us.