Facts about The Polarbröd Corporation

Polarbröd is a visionary, family-owned Swedish company that has been baking the traditional breads of northern Sweden for more than 100 years. Our vision is to create opportunities to eat good and healthy food now and for generations.

The Polarbröd Corporation is part of a long tradition of northern Swedish entrepreneurship. The corporation consists of Polarbrödsgruppen and two subsidiaries, Polarbröd and Polarrenen, who, themselves, have 12 subsidiaries. The corporation has 270 employees who focus on everything from baking bread and managing real estate properties, to sustainability to renewable energy.

• All operations are to be resource-efficient

• The corporation is to be self-sufficient in renewable energy

• We strive to have completely sustainable inputs throughout the corporation

• Transports, travel and meetings are to be characterized by sustainable mobility



1324 mkr


We bake more than 29 000 tons of bread annually.

Real Estate

Polarrenen owns 13 properties.

Wind power 

We own five wind turbines that produced 27,2 GWh 2019, which is equal to 22% more than the corporation’s electricity consumption in 2022.


Polarbröd’s bakeries have BRC and ISO 14001 certifications. Our bakery in Bredbyn is also Krav-certified.


We have three locations in northern Sweden: Älvsbyn, Bredbyn and Umeå.

Employee facts

We employ 270 people. The average age of our employees is 42 years.

47% of our employees are women and 53% men.

Our markets

Polarbröd is Sweden’s third-largest producer of bread. We bake traditional northern-Swedish flatbreads, including soft thinbreads and crispy thinbreads. We also produce a limited range of ready-made sandwiches. Our breads are available in grocery stores throughout Sweden and in some European markets. We also sell our products to foodservice and industry customers all over Europe. Norway and France are our largest export markets.

Polarrenen’s areas of business include renewable energy, real estate and leasing. All of Polarrenen’s properties are located in cities along the east coast of northern Sweden.